Ovaka, Tonga
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Ovaka Island Beach, Tonga

This 4 acre property is the classic definition of beach, deep white sand and lots of it. It is situated on Ovaka Island, within the Vava’u Island Group with the beach facing due south where the cool breeze trade winds sail in.

The southern trades are nature’s best air-conditioned cleanest air possible on the planet. The reef has created a safe harbour anchorage in the lagoon with a deep-water entrance naturally open there. The water is crystal clear and the reef serves to keep it safe from big waves and big fish.

It is an excellent location for whale watching and it is close to where the surfing is notable. There is a small village on the island, a great source for good staff at economical rates and plenty of plantation food and fresh fish/seafood from the locals. This resource certainly makes building and living here or operating a resort easier and is a goodly way to contribute back to this village.

A perfect place for a resort or residential living, right out of the magazines. Water is plentiful by catchment there and electric power by solar and or generator. The annual payment for the lease and all fees/tax is $1,558 per year.

Ovaka Island is about 9 miles from the main island where the airport and main supplies are. The beach is on the windward, bug free side, which is another 3 miles if you want your boat moored in the lagoon or at a dock from the beach. The island is 1.5 miles long, and 1/2 mile wide and 190 feet high. The island boasts of some of the best beach in Tonga. There are beautiful views from the cliffs and shores, even caves and jungle. There are no poisonous critters to worry about on the island. No snakes, nothing here that can harm even a child.

There have been only two beach front lots offered in this location and the other one is not for sale.

It is time to bail out of the crazy side of the world and get in tune with nature in these south sea’s islands.

Warm tropical regards,

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